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Managing and Developing your Accountancy Practice

A special app-only edition of Accountancy Ireland Focusing on the development and management of smaller accounting firms in now available from your App store. This is the second issue in Accountancy Ireland's new Select Series of app-only editions. 

Select Series No 2 -- Practice Management --  is free to Chartered Accountants Ireland members and to Accountancy Ireland subscribers. It is available for in-app purchase by other interested readers. If you don't already have it, download the Accountancy Ireland App for iOS and Android mobile devices and the edition will then be accessible via the App editions tab..


Accountancy Ireland Magazine App Select Series No 2 Practice Management contents are:

  • Preparing for a Compliance Visit: When it comes to regulatory visits, preparation is the key to avoiding stress. Brian Mailey shares insights from his work with practising firms and offers some practical tips on how to prepare effectively for a monitoring visit. This article aims to help you reduce the stress when your firm is up for inspection.
  • Starting Your Own Accounting Firm: Most chartered accountants, at some point in their career, will consider setting up their own practice. For the majority, it's just a passing thought but for some, the dream becomes reality. Accountancy Ireland magazine spoke to five Irish practitioners who have recently started their own practices.
  • Thinking Ahead: There are multitude of reasons why a practitioner might wish to dispose of his/her firm -- retirement, career change or simply cashing in to name but a few. John McKenna looks at some typical scenarios and shares some practical tips to help you secure a successful outcome.
  • Pitfalls and Benefits of Practice Mergers: Merging with another practice can be one way for an accounting firm to achieve efficiences. Accountancy Ireland invited Des Peelo to describe the benefits and pitfalls typically experienced when accounting firms merge.
  • Strategic Alliances -- Madness or Smart Move? Does it ever make sense to refer your client to a competitor? "Certainly," suggests practitioner Liam Twohig.
  • Partnership Dispute Resolution: Partnership disputes sometimes arise when accounting firms develop and grow. Mediation is one way to resolve problems, as Colm Deignan explains.
  • Helping Clients "Crack the Books": Showing your clients how to keep good financial records and prepare basic financial statements does not mean that you are teaching yourself out of business. It's a smart way to equip your clients with the tools to help themselves while improving your working life as June Menton explains.
  • A Day in the Life with Cork-based practitioner, Peter Russell FCA.

How to get the Accountancy Ireland Practice Management Special Edition

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