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December 2014

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Volume 47 No 1 February 2015

De Raphaeli Ousts Pacioli in Accounting History Bombshell

Move over Luca Pacioli! The discovery of a 15th century treatise on double entry bookkeeping challenges the foundations of accounting history. Alan Sangster has the details.

Major Risks Ahead for Eurozone's Star Pupil

Falling unemployment and the signalling of an end to austerity may look like good news but risks remain for the Irish economy suggests Cormac Lucey.

Ireland to Benefit from Falling Oil Price

Falling oil prices are good news for the Irish economy but heighten concerns about deflation, says James McCann.

Getting your AAAs in Gear! Stay Ahead of Targeted Cybercrime Attacks

CFOs have a role to play in ensuring the right questions are asked in the ongoing battle against cyber crime, suggests Hugh Callaghan.

The Long Road to Tax Devolution

After an eight-year campaign, a reduced rate of Corporation Tax for Northern Ireland will be implemented in 2017. Brian Keegan summarises the part Chartered Accountants Ireland played to secure this prize.