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June 2015

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Volume 48 No 3 June 2016

An interview with Institute President, Lyam Lynch

As the new President of Chartered Accountants Ireland, KPMG’s Liam Lynch is keen to realise the Institute’s potential as an agent for positive change.

Brexit: the known unknowns

With the UK’s Brexit referendum looming and a recent survey showing enormous concern among Institute members about our neighbour’s possible exit from the EU, Accountancy Ireland asked Institute directors for their thoughts on issues that might arise.

The road to audit reform

Stakeholders affected by the new audit reform regulations face a range of challenges, write Siobhan Orsi and George Deegan.

Lobbying regulation in the accountancy sector

With the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 now in effect, Sherry Perreault explains the requirements of the legislation for accountants.

Bringing board performance into focus

Justin Moran explains why private sector boards need a sharper focus if they are to perform optimally in the best interest of the company.