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Volume 46 No 3 June 2014

Facing the Future

In a wide-ranging interview, newly-elected Institute President Ronan Nolan, FCA -- a Partner and Head of Corporate Finance with Deloitte -- talks to Accountancy Ireland about renewing the Institute's five-year strategy.

A Whistleblower's Tale

As whistleblowers continue to make headlines in mainstream media, a Chartered Accountant tells Accountancy Ireland about the personal consequences he faced when he blew the whistle in his organisation.

Audit Game Change

George Deegan and Risteard Sheridan explain how EU audit changes will affect the accountancy profession.

Internal Audit

David Kinsella discusses key insights from a recent survey of Heads of Internal Audit.

Economic Outlook

Economist Austin Hughes examines trends for the coming months.

Styled for Success

Accountancy Ireland shares some top tips on what to wear to interviews and client meetings