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April 2016

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Volume 48 No 2 April 2016

Interview | Éilish Finan

An interview with Éilish Finan, former-CFO of AIG.

Improving audit quality control

The Engagement Quality Control Review is a pivotal means of safeguarding audit quality in audit firms, writes Julia Morris.

Innovation in accounting for leases

Given Ireland's leading position in the leasing industry, Brian O'Callaghan and Goind Ram Khatri discuss the practical implications of IFRS 16 Leases.

The CFO of the future

From number-crunching to storytelling, talent retention to stakeholder management, the bar has been set high for the CFO of the future, writes Conall O'Halloran

UK Budget review

Leontia Doran outlines some of the key changes recently announced by Chancellor George Osbourne as part of UK Budget 2016.